Creating beauty out of natural materials

It is with much excitement that the Atelier of Peter Langner introduces the Japanese artist Mr. T. Sakamoto, a supreme master of Japanese ceramics. Mr. Sakamoto works only with a special soil from Osaka South called Sensyu. His work is revered and displayed in the finest museums and galleries throughout south east Asia and Japan.

As is the tradition, Mr. T. Sakamoto learned from past masters the time-honored art of transforming Sensyu into works of art which, luckily one can use in daily life elevating the experience of eating and drinking.

A bond formed between Peter Langner and Mr. Sakamoto because they both create beauty out the materials with which they work. Although the materials are obviously different; pure silk or pure Sensyu their innate energy blooms with exquisite balance and a uniqueness which is rare.  

Mr.Sakamoto’s works unite perfectly with Peter Langner Casa‘s natural and beautiful sensibility.